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False Start

Posted on Saturday, March 5, 2011 | No Comments

Normally before this time of the year, I’ve put together my predictions for the forthcoming Formula 1 season and riled myself up in a frenzy of petrol, burning tyres, noise, colour and glamour – but not this season.

Why? Because I’d be looking forward to next weekend’s opening Grand Prix in Bahrain – only there is no Grand Prix in Bahrain next weekend, its been cancelled, so instead I have to delay my excitement and wait for the Australian Grand Prix at the end of the month.

But that's not all; the reason I haven’t laid out my predictions is because I haven’t got any predictions. All I’m hoping for is what I hope for every season – victory for the Prancing Horse of Ferrari. I really don’t even mind which Ferrari superstar driver wins, as long as one of them does.

I’d like to predict a season dominated by Ferrari and there’s no reason why it couldn’t be; a switch to new Pirelli tyres, which are reported not to last as long as Bridgestones (by design), means that the team who can look after these tyres best will be the team to be. Ferrari are traditionally very good at tyre management, but get this wrong and the whole season could end up a complete write-off.

Equally a battle and a race with another team could ruin any tyre management advantages, which is why I’m really hoping the scarlet cars can motor out in front and lead the way all season.

But enough about my dreams and hopes for a Ferrari whitewash – there’s racing to be had. This season KERS is back and I couldn’t be more happy, if there is anything I want more than fantastic racing in F1 its a bit of green tech to improve the show and ultimately improve the world. Moving rear wings are also a new element, will they spice up the show or not? Time will tell, the paddock seems divided.

…..just get the racing started already. I’m now ready!

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