> Bye Bye Windows Phone….For Now

Bye Bye Windows Phone….For Now

Posted on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 | No Comments

On my sofa right now are two phones; one of the is my faithful and reliable original Palm Pre and the other is a HTC Mozart running Microsoft Windows Phone 7 which I got on a new mobile phone contract less than a week ago.


The reason the two phones are sat on my sofa is that after a couple of days of using the HTC, I found that missed webOS and its various flicks and off screen slides to close applications and delete items.  I found I missed it so much that I removed my SIM from the Windows Phone and pushed it back in the Pre where it has stayed all week.


Now, I’ve read my terms and conditions a couple of times now and I can return the HTC back to my network provider under a “Changed My Mind” policy, which is what I fully intended to do…..


Until just an hour ago, when I perhaps foolishly started up the HTC for one last look around for a blog post I was going to write entitled “My 24 Hours with Windows Phone 7”.  Straight away the quality of the screen display hit me and playing around with the Windows Phone OS isn’t as bad as I first thought – in fact, its pretty amazing; with its hubs and apps and ‘pinned’ tiles on the home screen.


The games from XBOX Live are exactly as you would expect and the integration with Bing is certainly a feature I could write extensively positive things about.  Office and especially OneNote are useful and the camera and photo applications (with SkyDrive integration), beats the Pre hands-down.


So why, despite all of these things, is the HTC being returned tomorrow?  It’s because of one thing – the Twitter applications on Windows Phone 7 aren’t that great and multi-tasking is none-existent.  I’ll admit that the Twitter client thing is trivial as I can easily get used to it and I’ve no doubt that I’d get used to it and learn to love it like I do Tweed. 


But the lack of multi-tasking is absolutely killing me.  I want to click on links from Twitter and I want to open up a browser session as I’m in the middle of writing an email to check my facts and figures and I also want to be able to check my calendar whilst I’m on the phone arranging my next appointment.  Its these things that I can do so easily on the Pre that I can’t with Windows Phone 7 that make it not quite ready for me just yet.


When Microsoft resolves this multitasking issue then I promise to seriously look at Windows Phone again, but right now I need my ‘cards’ and my ability to move around my phone too much.


HP, you’ve got yourself a confirmed customer for the new HP Pre 3 right here, thanks the delightful webOS Operating System – you just have to make it available!

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