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Never Stop Caring

Posted on Thursday, May 19, 2011 | No Comments

As well you know, my two favourite writers in the world are Paul Carr and Sarah Lacy.  Carr for his views and takes on life, with very little care, very much similar to my own approach – only without the creativity - and Lacy for her brilliance in being able to report just about anything and turning her far out idea of how the world poorest countries will turn them selves around by the genius of the few who choose to go and do something truly remarkable, thanks in part to the great levelling of the Internet.


Both Lacy and Carr have recently released their ‘second book’ for publication and I eagerly waited for them and bought them both the second they were available (Lacy’s in book form, Carr’s in Kindle format).


It’s Paul’s book I want to write about today though; “The Upgrade; A Cautionary Tales about Life without Reservations” in which Paul gives up his London apartment following notice of a rent hike and embarks on an epic journey around the world with some amazing stories to tell along the way.


You really should buy it yourself and read them with my recommendation (though I doubt whether you’d enjoy them as much as I did, having followed all of these tales on his blog and was able to piece the time line together as I read through the book).


The latter part of the book though is what really struck me though; how the good times turned into what was a alcohol fuelled downward spiral, which Carr tried to cover up in his writings in the hope of not destroying the persona he had built up through his blog posts and writing gigs.


Having been on a bit of a downward spiral myself this week (read), one line struck a major chord and it highlighted the importance of having a friend like Sarah Lacy; “You stopped caring about what you do” – a wake up call to Mr Carr to buck his ideas and get back into bringing his sharp writing back to the forefront rather than rely on drunken escapades to ‘create’ the story.

“You stopped caring about what you do”

Those words should serve as a reminder for all that we do what we do because we care about it; giving it all up is not an option, unless you really, really have stopped caring.


I already had huge respect and admiration for Ms Lacy’s writing and for the persona she puts across in her work and on her own personal blog – but now I have an even greater respect for her in bringing Paul Carr in line and back to caring about what he undoubtedly does extremely well.


These two people were my inspiration to start blogging and to care about writing.  I’m the first to admit that my writing is no where near as good as theirs (you should read some of the stuff I don’t post), but I do care about writing posts for this blog and my own satisfaction.


Today I switched on ‘Stats’ for this blog to absolutely shock myself; I thought my writings would reach only a small handful of people 10 at the most, I was amazed that I actually reach a much wider audience, which means I really should put more effort into posting.


You’ll also notice that I’ve switched on ‘Comments’.  This is the first time I’ve done so since the blog went live – I hope that you’ll start to leave messages for me, because I’d love to hear your thoughts and actively write more about what you like reading from me.


This is me caring and I hope, like Paul Carr, I don’t let anyone down.

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