> Outbreak 2011: A Lesson in Complaining

Outbreak 2011: A Lesson in Complaining

Posted on Sunday, May 15, 2011 | No Comments

I’ve been in a foul mood all weekend; it all stems from work and an ongoing issue we’ve had with a rouge virus on the network.  Normally I’d be up for the challenge of tackling the unauthorised outbreak of nuisance software, but this one is driving me crazy.


The reason for this is that the virus seems to have lived on despite our best attempts to kill it from the plethora of machines its managed to propagate and spread its infection to.


At my previous place of employment, I was responsible for the deployment and protection of the network from viruses and the chosen software was Symantec Endpoint Protection (which gets the rather un-snappy ‘SEP’ for short). 


At the time I previously blogged about how bad the software seemed to be and how it never seemed to work and endless telephone calls with the technical and sales people always seemed to end up with them blaming me for not deploying the latest version which had ‘just’ been posted to their download site – which took an eternity to find and log into after entering product codes, sales reference codes and a probably a lengthy questionnaire asking questions which are designed to put you off track and make you forget what you were doing to start with.


In this recent outbreak, my lack of control and unable to actually see any management console screens are making it a whole lot worse to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.  By the time an ‘engineer’ gets me the ‘infected report’ and I start applying the fix, the virus has already duplicated itself to its neighbours and therefore becomes a never ending battle with something I can’t see.


The situation is complete madness.  And its also infuriating, leaving me with a never ending problem whilst business as usual must carry on as, well, usual.


Which explains my foul mood.  I hate being beaten and I hate the feeling of not being in control – see things tend to work and be a whole lot smoother when I am, mainly because I tend to understand things much better.


There’s a morale to the story here somewhere and I think its pretty obvious what that is; complain.  Outburst complete; let the healing begin.

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