> HP Sell Up to Polycom - Errr Why?

HP Sell Up to Polycom - Errr Why?

Posted on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 | No Comments

I don't understand this.

Today HP, the worlds biggest technology company, announced that they have sold their video conferencing unit to Polycom for a cool $89 million. Whilst I'm sure the mo, ney is nice for HP to have in their back pocket, they weren't exactly short to being with.

But look what has just happened with the Microsoft / Skype buy out and its clear that the indications are that video conferencing is going to be a very big part of the Internet landscape over the next couple of years as Microsoft take advantage of their recent purchase, so I don't really understand why HP are getting out of this technology sector?

Looking at their HP Pre3 and TouchPad demo, the devices screamed video conferencing and mobile video connectivity, very much in the same vein as Apple's Facetime app. Polycom have agreed to create a webOS application as part of the agreement of their purchase from HP, but something still doesn't add up for me here - why did HP sell at all? Or why weren't HP the ones doing the buying of Polycom?

I just don't understand this.

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