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“30 Rock” is a love it or hate it show; personally I love it.  I think its has just the right blend of off-the-wall antics, outrageous storylines and colourful characters, all balanced off against a dry, witty humour.


The show is a backstage look at the workings of a comedy show and how the producer (Liz Lemon aka Tina Fey), deals with her demanding cast, writers and the troubles of her boss (Alec Baldwin).  The reason I write about “30 Rock” is that when I got to the end of my collection (which is only 2 series at the moment), I bought Tina Fey’s book “Bossypants” to learn more about her – as she was after all the first female head-writer on America’s popular and legendary “Saturday Night Live” (SNL).


Half way through the book, I got the urge to watch another of my favourite shows – “Studio 60 Live from the Sunset Strip” (or just “Studio 60” for short).  Another behind the scenes look at the workings of a live comedy show and the going-ons with executive producers, actors and TV execs.  (I really do urge you to watch this show, it is amazing!)


All of these things got me thinking though; apparently the UK produces some of the best comedy in the world, yet we haven’t got an equivalent to SNL.  The only two shows that I can think of which come close are “The Fast Show” and “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross”, neither of which are broadcast any more. 


Its not as if we haven’t got the talent in the UK for such a show – our comedy performers seem to be more interested in producing for themselves though; just think of any comedy performer and you can insert their name into the following caption to work out the name for their show:


“The <Insert name> Show”


So, here’s my plea to the UK terrestrial channels and comedians; get it together, pick an hour on a Friday night (which seems like the perfect night since Wossy isn’t around any more), get some good comedy writers together and go nuts, push some boundaries.


You can even call it “FNL UK” – no fee required.


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