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Integration Nightmares & Dreams

Posted on Sunday, December 4, 2011 | No Comments

Way back in May 2008, I wrote what can only be described as a brilliant blog post on the future of the technological connected world and how smart devices would be and instantly interact with each other and join up our ‘Digital Lives’.


I would link you to the terrific post, but unfortunately the link conveniently unfortunately no longer works.  The title of which was “Integration Nightmares & Dreams”, which some how felt like a great title to re-use for this post.


Accompanying my breath-taking writing, was a video, which is still very much online and available for me to insert into this blog post:



In the video, you see the lives of three different groups of people; the professional business user who enjoys a good work-life balance, a business man who travels and finally a girl who interacts with her friends and technology for entertainment and enjoyment in a world that is tailored to your needs and tastes.


The video, of course, was made by Intel to paint a picture of the future and the “Ultra Mobile” PC concept, which some how seems very dated, despite it only being made three years ago.


Released just a couple of days ago was this video, made by Microsoft:



The video is to show an interpretation of what the office of the future could possibly look like.  You’ll notice straight away that some of the elements of the Intel video are also present in Microsoft’s video – namely the presence of many different displays that interact and respond with touch and speech.

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