> Top 5 Movies: 2011

Top 5 Movies: 2011

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Last year I put together my top five list of movies – which I found rather quite difficult given the number of great movies from last year to choose from. This year I’ve had my number one picked out for quite sometime, waiting for it to be beaten – but that never happened.

But picking my next four has been rather difficult this year – either I haven’t been paying all that much attention, or seeing the wrong films or choosing movies is a lot harder than choosing tech!

NUMBER FIVE: The Hangover Part 2

It was always going to be difficult to follow up the genius that was ‘The Hangover’, it was a great, surprise movie that no one saw coming, but just about everyone fell in love with.

The second instalment therefore had a lot to live up to – whilst having to be bigger, funnier and more clever than before and that’s exactly what they did. The setting of the movie changed from Vegas to Thailand adding the complexities of a language barrier to the story.

The recipe was then unchanged, yet different. Which is why it had to make it only my top five.

NUMBER FOUR: Limitless

What could be a surprise entry in anyone’s top five, but for me it was just a great concept for a movie and one that made drugs looks cool!

Whilst the reviews for this film weren’t all great, I fell in love with the idea that a drug could unlock part of your brain and allow you to ‘think’ clearly and without distraction in order to do incredible things.

It was certainly an original story and that is why is had to be in my top five.


Again, another original story that revolves around a virus outbreak that spreads throughout the world population and the behind-the-scenes efforts to control and find a cure or vaccination.

The twist in the film literally leaves you with plenty to think about come the end.

NUMBER TWO: X-Men : First Class

An epic film from start to finish and one that I was sure I wasn’t going to enjoy before I walked into the cinema and took my seat. 
How wrong I was – the story was expertly told, the dynamics of the two main characters was spell binding to watch and if Iron Man 2 took inspiration from the Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs battle of the technology sector, then X-Men clearly borrowed that same inspiration.

Perhaps the low expectations I had at the start propelled this film up my list, but I believe it’s a well deserved second place.

This film was always going to be the top of my list for 2011 – the hype surrounding the film was always going to guarantee that.

As a Ayrton Senna fan the hype was certainly pushed up higher still. As the film came around to be released in the UK, its limited showing ensured that I would only really get one shot to see this film – I even finished work early to race to the cinema to take my seat for this one – and I wasn’t let down!

The film was a masterpiece – shown in a documentary style – telling the story of Prost vs Senna, the politics and untimely death of a true legend. The film was top of my Christmas list for 2011 and it the top of my list for this year’s top five.

Go see it – if you haven’t already.

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