> A Figure of 8 Completes the Circuit

A Figure of 8 Completes the Circuit

Posted on Saturday, February 11, 2012 | No Comments

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve been excited about Windows 8 for such a long while now (just as I was about Windows 7 before it), for so many reasons, but including:
  • One, I’m actually in what seems like a dwindling number of people who A) Like Microsoft an awful lot and B) Like their products an awful lot
  • Two, it finally brings them into the tablet market that Apple have dominated for far too long, given Bill Gates constant believe in the form factor
  • Three, they've not abandoned their roots (despite the insistence of some commentators, who would likely berate Redmond just as much for doing so) and have built a platform that spans both the desktop and mobile worlds without compromising on either

What I hadn’t quite put together – until now – was just how much an opportunity Microsoft was creating for new start ups to emerge, until I read this article (on my new favourite website PandoDaily) – here.

Whilst I don’t quite agree with everything in the article (renaming WOA or “Windows on Arm” to “Windows Mobile” in what is an engineering blog produced by Microsoft – though I should point out, it would be good if they could get the naming of these things right when it comes to product launch for the average Joe), the possibilities to create new applications on Microsoft’s Metro platform.

Coupled with Windows Phone 8 and Kinect for Windows, I think that Micorsoft are really starting to build a platform that could not only take on Apple at their own game, but also potentially beat them in the long run.

I’ll qualify that again just in case you missed it – in the long run – I don’t think anyone is under any illusion that Microsoft cannot turn over their Cupertino rivals easily.  More importantly though, it should easily see off Google’s Chrome OS platform (though, I’m still not convinced that it was ever a real challenger).

Kudos to Microsoft I say – and I hope to be able to read many more positive articles on Windows 8 over the coming months till launch.  The potential is high in this one.

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