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Watch This Space OS

Sunday, June 17, 2012 1

For the second time, I’m currently trialling Windows 8; it’s an Operating System I want to like so very much, but despite all my best efforts I just can’t seem to get my head around it’s many differences from the well loved Windows 7.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for technology moving on, but the fact remains that Windows 7 was a solid operating system that did exactly what was asked of it at all times.  Which makes any decision to upgrade to something you are unsure of that little more difficult to make.

My first experience with Windows 8 was not a happy one; the ‘beta’ Release Preview took around an hour and a half to upgrade my Windows 7 experience (I read it took others only 20 minutes to install from fresh), and once installed I found the preview buggy, unresponsive and difficult to work with.

Thankfully for the consumer preview I was more prepared.  I bought a brand new solid state hard disk from Crucial Memory in the hope that a) It would enhance the experience of Windows 8 that bit more and b) if I ended getting as wound up about 8 as I did the last time, I could quickly switch back to 7 by undoing a few screws.

In terms of the SSD I have to say, I’m extremely impressed; boot times on my laptop are absolutely incredible, applications load in seconds and the whole experience seems slicker and more responsive.  I can’t believe I haven’t made the decision sooner.

Windows 8 though is still causing me conflict.  I want  to like it so much, the direction of unifying your Windows Phone, Tablet and laptop experience together is one I very much support and want to see brought to reality.  But the full screen Metro apps seem very too ‘tablet-ey’ for my liking and I think detract from the overall ‘Windows’ experience we’ve  become accustomed to over the years.

But I realise that it takes time to adapt to change and I’m not willing to give in as easily just yet.  So, you can no doubt expect a follow up post soon.  So far, Windows 8 for me is still a ‘watch this space’ OS….

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