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Redeemable by Voucher Only....

Posted on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | No Comments

When I’m not sat in front of a movie screen at the cinema or watching a film, or being at work, you can almost guarantee that I’m reading a book on my Kindle – having fully embraced the digital format of the eBook after a bit of soul searching to give up on those paper bound beauties.
However, there is one element of the eBook phenomenon that has yet to be mastered in the same way as a physical book: the element of gift.
Whenever I seem to want to gift an eBook, I find that I have to purchase an Amazon gift card and then forward on an email with a book recommendation along with a line “or buy something you really want”, as a disclaimer that the book I’ve carefully selected may not appeal or enlighten that person’s life in some way.
But then I read this on Pando just the other day and it seemed to make a lot of sense - http://pandodaily.com/2012/08/21/livrada-bridges-the-gap-between-physical-books-and-the-digital-world
I love the idea of being able to select an eBook and then order up a voucher redemption code for a particular eBook.  It ensures that the perfectly selected gift is passed on and it means that we finally have something physical to enclose within the birthday card you pass on to your nearest. 
Sure those redemption codes can still be passed on electronically for those who still don’t want to have to deal with postage and fiddle around with gift cards – especially if the recipient is far away and out of postal range (or at least not without some cost attached to it). 
So, there you go – redeemable voucher codes for eBooks.  Amazon – make it happen!

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