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Posted on Saturday, August 18, 2012 | No Comments

I’ve always been a watch wearer – ever since I can remember, there has always been a clock digital or analogue attached to my wrist.  Over the years they have changed and performed a number of different functions; calculators, data storage, telephone address book, world time, stop watches – hell, some of them even told the time too!
These days I sport a Seiko analogue watch that has a timer and date calendar and that’s about it; but there seems to be a market trend towards wanting more from your wrist wear.  There have been a few Kickstarter a project outlining some of the ideas to bring these fancier features to market – and the trend suggests that the way to do it is to pair your watch to your phone and allow your mobile device to do all of the heavy lifting.
This actually makes a lot of sense – your phone more than likely to already have the connectivity, battery life and applications to support the functions most of us would require/expect from a smart watch.
Ultimately, a smart watch brings us one step closer to a wearable computer.  Expect to see them sold in a store near you anytime soon…..

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