> Vorsprung durch Technick: The Passion for Innovation

Vorsprung durch Technick: The Passion for Innovation

Posted on Saturday, August 25, 2012 | No Comments

Very rarely does a TV advert come along that stirs up so much emotion and feeling that you grow fond of it and develop an attachment to it.  But think back over the years to those ‘classic advertisements’ that you still remember to this day and it’s obvious that we do, deep down hold onto them for so long when they are done so very right.

That’s exactly how I feel about the following advert from Audi though;

The blend of automotive driving passion, competition – blended against physics, technology and cutting edge science for me just ticks all of the right boxes in my technical wired brain.

It’s the challenge and dynamics of what makes us human – the ability to design, understand, better, improve, re-design and reach for the very edge of perfection and then to keep on pushing beyond that marker for something truly awe inspiring that breaks our pre-conceptions of ‘what is’.

Whilst I’m not tempted to go cash in, sell my car and go out and buy an Audi right now, I feel I can still be inspired by their work, their pride and their passion and apply it in my own life and work.  After all, I see this same passion and pride and determination in others too – Ferrari, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Google, Nokia, Tesla, SpaceX, *Insert your own company name here*.

The human race thrives on this innovation and desire to reach for the stars and beyond.  Touch the very fabric of what it means to be alive and dare to dream big.  Think about or watch this advert the next time you need any such motivation – I know I will.

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