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Charming Technology....

Posted on Sunday, September 2, 2012 | No Comments

Re-watching the Microsoft Smartglass video, the technology that allows Windows 8 tablets to interact and share content with the Xbox, I realised that I’d seen it all before somewhere….
One of my favourite YouTube videos to share on my blog is a video from Intel that depicts a version of the future where devices connect and share data with each other.  It seems that others also had that same vision of technology, but where Intel failed to recognise the power of the Cloud (which can be forgiven – it was a video way ahead of its time remember), Microsoft and others applied software to the solution.

Browsing the Internet
Another element of the Xbox UI refresh and Smartglass tech is the ability to surf the Internet for the first time from your games console.  The stumbling block for enabling this feature previously has always been in how you navigate the web from a console device reliant upon a game pad controller (or Kinect device).
Microsoft have seemingly solved this problem by using a Windows Phone and the Smartglass software to allow the navigation and interaction to occur away from the Xbox – which is a little bit ingenious and a great solution I can’t wait to get my hands on to try for myself.
So far, Smartglass seems to be a major win – and the unravelling of Microsoft’s three screen strategy is practically laid bare; the seamless blend of console, phone and tablet – perfect. 
But I think I’ve found a bit of a flaw in the process.  Sat with my Windows 8 (beta), laptop yesterday as  I watched television on my Xbox, I just so happened to activate the ‘Charms’ and noticed that one of them was labelled ‘Devices’.
Curiously I clicked on the icon and half expected to see my ‘Xbox’ device available as a screen to share to (thinking about it a little further, I also expected to see my Windows Phone there – but that’s a different story all together).  But it wasn’t there.
I’m hoping that this is something that will come in time as I can certainly see a use for it.  Imagine being able to work from your laptop and when you need that second screen as you work or wish to play a video from your laptop on the big screen, it would make perfect sense to be able to take advantage of the Xbox working together with your laptop or tablet (remember that Windows 8 is both tablet and laptop enabled).
I can totally see myself using Xbox and Windows 8 together.  But I have a feeling that I’ll be let down this time around, but with the next technology refresh, I hold out hope.

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