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Invent Again!

Posted on Monday, September 3, 2012 | No Comments

If you’ve been following along, you already know that I’ve already made the decision as to what my next phone will be – and if you haven’t been following along, I suggest you catch uphere.
Further details about the Nokia Lumia 920 are still emerging and the full facts won’t be known until the NokiaWorld announcement on 5th September (mark your calendars if you haven’t already). 
The latest rumours today are that the 920 will not be a ‘PureView’ 41MP camera as hoped, but would be a 8MP ‘PureView’ branded camera instead – I don’t quite buy that theory and believe the 8MP camera has been mixed up with the 41MP sensor that defines PureView technology.  Remember the 808 PureView has a 5MP camera installed.
The very latest news on the Nokia Lumia 920 is even better though; wireless charging.
That’s right, the magical technology that HP pioneered (in the phone market at least), with the Palm Pre in the form of the ‘TouchStone’ charging dock, will be making its way to Nokia’s latest offerings.  Whilst some will see this ‘feature’ as a bit of gimmick, I for one know of the wonders that the wireless charging benefits are great – no fiddling with wires or catches or hidden panels on the phone to uncover a charging port, simply place and charge!
The wireless dock rumoured by Nokia is a little bulky when compared to the ‘TouchStone’ dock, but as long as it works, it’s going to be a great addition to any desk in its vibrant colours.  I also hope that Nokia don’t make the same mistake as Palm and they allow the wireless dock to charge from USB port, rather than from mains adapter only.  This killed the wireless concept for me totally.
The addition of wireless charging does suggest that the back cover of the latest round of Lumia phones will be interchangeable.  Whilst I’m yet to spot a seam on the leaked photos yet, it could be a reverse of the decision to build a complete unit, containing the battery a-la Apple’s iPhone – meaning the battery could be replaceable by the user.
Some could say that such an approach is revolutionary.
What about HP?
I’m really excited about the new Lumia phones and my service provider just so happened to call me today and confirmed that my contract is due just as these phones are going to be made available.  Which is a bit of a bonus for me.
With all of today’s talk though, it made me think back to the last phone I was excited about before the Lumia was reality – the Palm Pre.  I obsessed about this phone so much and totally bought into and believed that webOS was vastly important within the mobile industry because of its unique user interface and ‘cards’ user experience. 
It was the first phone to offer the wireless charging and the very first to offer true multi-tasking features; something that was often overlooked as Apple struggled along to make multi-tasking a reality on their earlier handsets and versions of iOS. 
However, whilst I thought webOS was beautiful, the rest of the world apparently did not and since HP bought the struggling Palm, the entire project has been sunk and spun off into a new company.  But I want to ponder a bigger point – why aren’t HP still in the mobile industry?
Partner Up
Just about every electronics company and every mobile company is now all in when it comes to the mobile phone and computer industry and whilst much has been said about Dell’s forays or lack of movement into the ‘post-PC’ world as desktop sales die down in favour of tablet devices, HP’s desktop division must also be struggling just as much.
Let’s take Samsung as a prime example, putting aside the recent spat and rather large cheque they’ve had to make out to Apple’s patent department recently, they have invested in mobile technology, partnered up with Google’s Android software and produced some of the most sought after phones on the consumer market and currently sit alongside Apple in terms of popularity.
It was no mistake and it took a lot of work to get there I’m sure.  Nokia has similarly teamed up with Microsoft and has re-launched themselves and much is expected with their latest line up (I’ve already stated my excitement on this subject).  But HP has been seemingly been stuck without any activity what-so-ever and most will argue that HP are now focused on Enterprise hardware, I simply cannot understand how they don’t have the resources to run multiple programs and continue to operate inside the consumer space too, after all, if Enterprises are all going ‘BYOD’ (Bring Your Own Device’), wouldn’t that make sense?
HP still have the Palm brand and I’m sure some of the mobile engineers on their books still too.  Hell, they don’t even need the Palm engineers as HP have a history of creating handheld devices in the form of their organisers from back in the day.  So, why not create HP branded mobile phone hardware and partner up with Microsoft for Windows Phone 8 and launch something really special?
No one does a clamshell phone these days – HP could bring that back.  No one does a slider phone either and despite the poor build quality of the Palm Pre, a HP re-engineered slider device could be just what the industry is crying out for – something a bit different, something that appeals to the consumer market that doesn’t look like everything else already available.
Who knows, even the HP tablets could make a comeback too if everything works out successfully.
The HP Way: Invent
I used to be a huge fan of HP of old, they were true engineers that build great hardware – and not just in the computer arena following the acquisition of Compaq.  HP desktop computers were always well built and seem to last forever, their ProLiant servers are legendary especially when paired up with SmartArray RAID cards (still the best in my opinion).
EVA storage devices were revolutionary and lead the way when it came to selecting a reliable storage solution.  I fell in love with the HP C-Class Blade technology that seemed so amazing clever at the time.  All of these things were an engineering and hardware break-through that HP Invented.
I hate seeing HP in the state they are in right now; in my place of work we no longer buy HP desktops (even I’m using a Dell workstation these days!), or laptops, our servers are now all IBM branded, storage devices from EMC and network kit from Cisco – ok, maybe something’s should never change, but my point is that HP isn’t even on our radar anymore and it’s sad to watch and think about.
I want HP to make a comeback in a big way, but they need to make some changes in order to do so.  They have been far too quiet for far too long.  Bring back HP I say, do something bold – Invent again!

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