> This Is (Probably) My Next: Nokia Lumia 920....

This Is (Probably) My Next: Nokia Lumia 920....

Posted on Saturday, September 1, 2012 | No Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, it has yet to be announced (though it will be very soon), but to steal a phrase from The Verge; This Is My Next.

That’s right folks, this undoubtedly will be my next phone – the Windows 8, Nokia Lumia 920.  An upgrade to my trusty Lumia 800 whose contract expires shortly.  Last year I wrote about how I could never understand all of those people that queued up around the block outside of an Apple Store waiting to get their hands on the latest iPhone hardware - I mean, just how big a jump can one version be to the next right?  But then when Nokia unveiled the Lumia 800, I fell in love and instantly got it.

The buzz around the new hardware and the new features is exactly the reason why we look forward to these new devices every hardware refresh time and Nokia are certainly delivering quite a punch with the 920.


During the last 12 months Nokia released a phone called the Nokia 808 – and whilst the name isn’t exactly catchy, it did have one truly outstanding feature on-board; a 41 mega pixel camera sensor capable of capturing the highest quality photographs of any other mobile or compact camera.  In other words, the photographs that this camera is capable of are ‘Pure’.

Whilst the 808 hasn’t exactly been the biggest of sellers, camera enthusiasts’ (rather than your typical mobile user), have been snapping up these phones for a taste of the camera’s abilities and marvel at how Nokia have managed to re-write their software to capture a 41MP High Definition image and compress is down to the size of your standard snap, meaning that memory remains expansive and you can continue to shoot all day long without fear.

Be sure to check out some of the sample photographs on the Nokia PureView page.

Windows Phone 8

Let’s face it, as a Microsoft user I was always going to upgrade my phone to Windows Phone 8 whenever it became available and having already watched the developers launch event online, I feel excited by the prospect of Microsoft’s converged strategy of Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox coming together to complete their long over-due promise of a “three screens strategy”.

Windows Phone 8, by taking the underlying Kernel of Windows finally moves the Operating Systems closer together, which should yield more apps becoming available for the platform.  What’s more, Microsoft’s Xbox should allow some of those gaming elements to cross over from console to Windows 8 and onto the phone too! 

Gaming is already a huge and growing industry within the mobile sector and the crossover of Xbox should be huge for Microsoft.

It’s Red!

Looking at the leaked images of the Nokia 920 there appears to be a couple more colours for the new phone – and one of them is red! 

Whilst I’m not going to preach that I’m in anyway fashionable, some smartphone users are and the wider range of colours will certainly appeal to some of those users who are looking for something a little different from their device and Apple’s black or white experience.

Whilst I can’t say for sure which colour Nokia I’ll end up purchasing (more likely to be the standard black colour, unless I do go adventurous with red), it’s certainly something different.

This Is My Next

I never thought I would turn into one of these types of people who cared so much about having to queue up for a new smartphone and experience the device desirability, but the Nokia Lumia 920 with PureView simply launches Microsoft and Nokia right back into the smartphone business.

No one else will have a camera experience like it and it will take others a while to catch up with the same levels of quality from their cameras. 

You may be wondering why I think the camera is such an important element of the smartphone?  The answer is simple, look at the amount of images we share from our phones!  Facebook uploads, Flickr accounts, Twitter accounts, picture messages and videos – we live in an online world where everything we do is shared through photographs – they capture memories and experiences, so why not capture them at the highest and best possible rate? 

Images from other mobile phones aren’t going to look anywhere near as good as those the 920 will be capable of producing, which will hopefully drive market for Nokia – the camera is important.  And I’m sure Microsoft will take care of the rest.

This is my next and I can’t wait for launch.

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