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Tell me the Price Already!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 0

It’s all part of the show, part of the game, part of the experience; the combination of mystery, surprise, allure – and it’s all Steve Job’s fault (in my opinion)!  What am I talking about?  The product unveils and the secrecy that surrounds the modern day launch.
I’ll admit that these keynote speeches where the wrappers are taken off the next great shiny, must have product are extremely attractive and captivating to watch – why else would millions point their browsers towards these streaming videos and live blogs every year?
The problem I have is that they are now so carefully choreographed, to the point where us mere consumers are still left with a million and one questions at the end of them which are pondered in a never ending amount of speculation blog posting.  What ever happened to the Q&A sessions?!
My frustration of these on-message keynotes is actually directed towards Microsoft (but I’m still blaming Jobs – he started it!), and their Surface tablets.  You see, I’m really sold on the idea of a Microsoft touchscreen running Windows 8 and the Surface, as Microsoft likes to remind us, are the perfect stage for their new operating system.
The problem I have is that I’ve got my heart set on the Surface Pro as I believe it offers more to me (being an IT professional), than the Surface RT.  As the RT version has been available since November, a lot is known about them; availability, pricing, reviews, etc.  The Surface Pro, however, isn’t due until January 2013 and I’m happy to wait – apart from a small caveat; I want to know the price.
Microsoft are refusing to name the UK price for the Surface Pro; they’ve announced the US price, starting at $899 – but historically, a direct conversion to UK pound sterling doesn’t provide an accurate representation.  So, Microsoft have a very confused audience here in the UK; no more so than me and I’ve asked the @Surface account many times, but only get the standard “Unfortunately we do not have any pricing details for Surface Pro to share”.
Why are Microsoft frustrating their UK customers by withholding the price?  Personally, if the price is going to be too high, I’ll settle for the Surface RT and I’ll order that right now today.  If they announced a reasonable price then I’ll happily wait, with the full knowledge of exactly what I’ll need to save/spend when the time comes in January.
I blame Steve Jobs!

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