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How I Use my Surface

Posted on Friday, June 21, 2013 | No Comments

One year ago I sat in complete and utter awe as a then-unknown to me Panos Panay graced my television screen, along with Steven Sinofsky and Steve Ballmer, to reveal a tablet device designed around productivity and having fun; that device I fell in love with that day was, of course, was the Microsoft Surface.
A Productivity Device for the Modern Day
The Surface was designed primarily as a productivity device, hence the inclusion of a keyboard with the device to allow users to work and create when the need to just ‘get stuff done’ is essential and unclip or fold back when the time for work is over and the play can begin.
Microsoft were obviously very aware of this “productivity paradigm” they were creating; so much so that they have started to produce videos of everyday Surface tablet users explaining to the audience exactly how they use their devices to create and produce.
My favourite of these videos thus far has been this one;

My Computer
So, in homage to these videos, let me quickly explain why I love my Surface device and exactly how I use it. 
My Surface Pro is my primary device, demoting my Sony Vaio laptop to my second choice, and I take it just about everywhere I go – to my work place, to my local Starbucks, to my parents’ house when I visit.  It is the device I can use for just about everything, where ever I am.
I use the device to keep up with current affairs via the Bing News application included with Windows 8 and when I feel like unwinding I can fire up the Fresh Paint app and colour in using the digitiser pen (it’s surprising just how relaxing and how much of a regression that app can cause when just colouring in digitally between the lines!)
But by far the main use for my Surface device is the combination use of both OneNote and SkyDrive.
Taking my Surface into meetings with me to draw and take notes directly on the screen and have those notes follow me across devices thanks to the SkyDrive synchronisation is simply a magical experience.  Being able to search through my notes and bring my own information straight to the front of mind, directly from my fingertips.
But what I really love about my Surface Pro and One Note most of all is being able to sit down with my boss and my associates in the work canteen, sit around a table with the Surface in the centre, talk through some ideas whilst scribbling and drawing directly onto the screen to create plans and refine designs of our latest IT projects and infrastructures.
It’s truly a collaborative and social device, as well as one that allows so much productivity.  I really do love my Surface.  Thank you Microsoft!

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