> Why I Cancelled my Xbox One Pre-Order

Why I Cancelled my Xbox One Pre-Order

Posted on Friday, June 21, 2013 | No Comments

Before finally entering my credit card details into the order page on Microsoft’s ordering page, I’d read all of the reviews, even tried it for myself and was convinced that it was the right thing to do.  I’d perused the negative comments and pondered the view points of the faceless names who had let their views be known on the subject – but I was determined, it seemed right, was a new dawn and the only way is forward…..so I ordered…..two!
Fast forward six months and the detractors have made their views heard and Redmond have listened, adapted…..the ‘Start’ button is back in Windows 8.1! 
The One        
After watching the launch event for the Xbox One, I was fired up – enough so to write a whole blog post all about its virtues and how this new console was a step in the right direction towards the modern and ‘one’ home entertainment system you would ever want to put under your television.  Even in my non-gaming life style, it had registered on my Richter and rocked my world.
Although I never drilled into the details in my previous post (although I did note the DRM checks and second hand games markets would blow over), I was quite enthralled by the prospect of finally completing the removal of my physical media (just like I have with CDs, DVDs and even books), in favour of downloaded content.
My pre-order was placed on Amazon for the “day one release” edition.  The very next day, Microsoft announced that they would be reversing their policies and that the DRM online, disc-less console was to return the PlayStation 4/Xbox 360 previous console generation practices of requiring game discs to be inserted into the drive.
I cancelled my order.
The question you’ll no doubt be asking now is, if I’m not a gamer then why would a change in policy regarding DRM downloaded games bother me so much?  The answer is simple and it was answered by Xboxes very own Don Mattricks when he said the following;
"Fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity; it's called Xbox 360, if you have zero access to the Internet, that is an offline device."
I already own an Xbox 360, that I can get up from my sofa, dig through green boxes that clutter up my living room and insert the shiny disc into the drive, so what is the benefit of the One right now?  Improved graphics?  Live TV integration?  Skype?  I have a slim line PC, running Windows 8 and a webcam sat under my TV for those things.
The one thing that the Xbox One really had with downloaded games content was that it had the potential to flash up games in front of my face that I could purchase on a whim and enjoy playing straight away, dragging me into these storybook games and potentially holding my attention long enough to hooking me back onto gaming within the next generation.
Taking these things away by reverting back to the old methods doesn’t enhance the experience for me and it doesn’t draw me in for a ‘day one’ purchase.  I can now sit back and wait until next year before decided whether to purchase an upgraded console or not based on a draw to a future game release (read: Halo 5), and who knows by that time, perhaps the console will be offered in a more competitive bundle or at a slightly reduced rate.
It took me eight years to buy an Xbox 360, it could take another eight – or another console release – before I’m tempted to buy again.  Or perhaps, just perhaps, Microsoft will reverse their decision again, refine their product and just like Windows 8.1 bring back thing we want most of all.

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