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Tag, you’re it!

Posted on Sunday, June 28, 2015 | No Comments

Last time out I wrote about how my team shirt, adorned with sponsors really made me think for possibly the first time ever, about those brands that I freely advertise about my person whilst at the same time I pay top prices for the privilege.  This time around I want to write about a similar theme and the way that it makes me feel.

As we established the last time out, I’m a bit of an F1 fanatic, I’ve followed the sport from around 1996 and whilst I’ve always enjoyed the “sport” and the skill of a F1 pilot, driving with impressive accuracy lap after lap, there is another side of the sport that is probably more in your face than anything else; advertising and big business.  Sponsors pay millions for the opportunity to have their name plastered either on the cars, on the clothing and even around the track itself – and I can see why they do it, the worldwide TV coverage is unquestionably high and the perception around F1 is always about the “best of the best”, whether that be the latest in luxury yachts, exotic and powerful cars and even watches.

The prominent watch manufacturer throughout my time watching F1 has been Tag Heuer, they were the official sponsors for all of the F1 timing right up until only very recently, when they were replaced by Rolex, another name that conjures up accuracy to the second – but I’m starting to get off topic.  My want for a Tag watch has been deeply entered into my psyche – to join the elite of the world and wear the same, perfectly crafted, 10th of a second accuracy and eye-catching wrist accessory.

After 18 years and two times where I came extremely close, last year, shortly after I got married, as a gift to myself I got to finally join the perceived elite and buy my first Tag Heuer watch, a “Formula One” no less, with all of the beautifully made expertise you would expect from such a luxury item.  Before I proceed, I should point out that the watch I chose to buy was from their relatively cheaper offerings and also came with a rather attractive discounted price – but none the less, a magical timepiece that I cherish and often gaze at knowing that it is mine, paid by my honest and hard work

Throughout this last 9 months of owning this watch though, it hasn’t been quite as I thought it would be.  The watch brand that I coveted for so long has been worn maybe half a dozen times and for the rest of the time it lives inside of its box away from the eyes of the world; and the reason is because, like most people, I go to work Monday to Friday and at the weekends, spend my time in cinemas, at home or on the move in places where a Tag watch is not the kind of jewellery is called for.  Instead, I wear a Microsoft Band seven days a week, a device that cost a fraction of the price of the Tag and tells me, marginally a lot more about myself (ok, a lot more on physical level, but less so spiritually).

The Tag has not made me happy; it has fulfilled my dream of ownership, but the experience has left me a long way short.  In some respects I would have been better off giving the money way to charity and knowing that it had all gone to a good cause, rather into the hands of a luxury watch manufacturer, who had too much money to start with given their longstanding involvement in a sport as rich as F1.  Would I get rid of my Tag now?  No.  Do I regret buying it?  No, I do not, only earlier today did I walk past a Tag retailer with a large photo of Ayrton Senna on display to demonstrate the long history and associated passions their brand has with the F1 elite – and if spiritual Aryton, from the slums - of Brazil had no issue wearing such extravagant watches, then neither do I.  But would I buy another luxury watch – Tag or perhaps another brand?  Definitely not, these luxury watches are for looking at online and admiring from a manufacturing point of view, but they are not for purchase – by anyone, regardless of how much money they have, they ultimately do not provide any fulfilment or deep spiritual enjoyment.

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